Senior Care Community Seal of Excellence

Enhance the management and marketing of your community

There are two goals for the Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Seal of Excellence:

  • First, to provide seniors and their families a reliable guide to senior care communities that provide superior benefits to seniors
  • Second, to encourage senior care communities to provide services that meet high standards of excellence for the senior market.

Once the audit is complete, report provides staff and management performance metrics. If the community earns the Seal of Excellence for exemplary audit results, it may be used internally for rewards and recognition, or externally for marketing differentiation in your collateral.

The observational 7-Factor Audit™ includes:

  1. Cleanliness and Clutter
  2. Odor and Temperature
  3. Caregivers and Support (friendliness, accessibility)
  4. Operations and Maintenance (appliances, etc.)
  5. Pantry and Supplies
  6. Senior Observations (grooming, dress, etc.)
  7. Other

There are no medical or financial audit items. We do not evaluate your kitchen, food, activities, or staff. There are no personal interviews. The audits are observational and environmental – and completed across a sampling of rooms and common areas.

All audits are conducted using mobile devices and responding to online audit survey question-items where there are only two answers: satisfactory or unsatisfactory. If your community achieves a 90% or better pass rating you earn the right to use the Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Seal of Excellence.

How It Works

You may choose to do one audit or sign up for quarterly audits. If you want a quick snapshot of your employee performance, and the right to use the Seal of Excellence for one year, one audit is appropriate. However, you may also want to incorporate quarterly audits into your performance metrics system. And, potentially us the Seal of Excellence for a rolling two year period.

Penrose Senior Care Auditors® will work with you to set up the appropriate sample size audit based on the size of your community(s). Once it is scheduled, one (or more) of our PenroseCertified® Senior Care Auditors will be deployed to your location where they will audit a sampling of your rooms and common areas.

Of the 150+ items, you must pass 90% or better to earn the Seal of Excellence. You will know your score within 24 hours of the audit. If you fail the audit with less than a 90% passage rate, you may take the audit again within 6 months for a 50% fee.

Once you pass the audit, you will be able to download the Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Seal of Excellence and begin using it.

Seal of Excellence Flyer

How To Get Started

We have made the process simple so that it minimizes your time while maximizing your return on investment.

  1. Complete the contact form below.
  2. Manager will call you within 24 hours.
  3. The Manager will explain the audit, fees, timeline, terms, and conditions (e.g. usage of the Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Seal of Excellence).
  4. Sign an agreement.
  5. Audit is scheduled.
  6. Begin using the results and the Seal of Excellence.