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Being responsible for an aging senior is time-consuming, stressful, and difficult. So, our process to engage us is as simple as possible while still being thorough and professional.

1. Contact us at and provide information about you and your senior.

Contact Us2. Your Client Coordinator will call you, answer your questions, and sign you up for our service.

3. A PenroseCertified® senior care auditor is assigned to your case and auditing services begin.

Generally, the process takes a couple of weeks to complete.

Affordable Fees are a small investment for peace of mind

Most clients request weekly audits for a monthly fee less than 5% of the average monthly Affordable feesassisted living cost.

Most senior care audit fees are $40 – $100 per visit. Call for a custom quote for a fee based on your needs.

Optional Services

We understand that all clients aren’t the same. That’s why we offer a menu of services to meet your specific needs at an additional, affordable fees, including:

  • Emergency Visits
  • Audit Report Conference Calls
  • Residence Additional Audit Spaces
  • Senior Care Facility Additional Audit Spaces
  • Additional Related Senior at One Residence