PenroseCertified® Senior Care Auditor

Start or expand your own business, set your own fees and hours – benefit from our tools and resources


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Become an independent, certified senior care auditor and start your own business and PenroseCertified senior care auditorcareer in the growing industry of senior care.

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Being PenroseCertified® makes you the most desirable certified senior care auditor in the field. Why? Penrose Senior Care Auditors® created the senior care auditing service – including the name, job description, audit profile, and more.

Why become an independent senior care auditor?

PenroseCertified® senior care auditors visit seniors wherever they live, conduct an environmental, observational 7-Factor Audit™, and report back to clients, generally the seniors’ adult child(ren). THIS IS NOT A FRANCHISE. No royalties, commissions, or lead-fees required.

  • Shift careers by entering into the growing field of senior care
  • Earn more money than a CNA or Caregiver – ave. $75 per 25-minute audit
  • Expand your caregiver business or start your own
  • Expand your opportunities
  • No experience needed – not medical or financial

Why become a PenroseCertified® senior care auditor?

  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Certification Program – sets the standards for education and training in the field of senior care auditing
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors® lead generation
  • Proprietary online Senior Care Audit Center
  • National and local marketing support
  • Monthly webinars and newsletters, and more
  • Schedule your own hours and set your own fees

For more information on becoming a PenroseCertified® senior care auditor, go to

How Client Leads are Matched to PenroseCertified® Senior Care Auditors

When a client contacts Penrose Senior Care Auditors®, our client coordinator matches a PenroseCertified Senior Care Auditor to the zip code of the client’s senior. This lead is forwarded to them. If one doesn’t serve the zip code needed, then Penrose Senior Care Auditors advertises for a new independent or part-time senior care auditor. If more than one independent PenroseCertified® senior care auditor (or company) is available in the client’s area, the client lead is provided with a list of options.