Seal of Excellence

SoESetting the standards of excellence for Senior Care Communities as well as senior products and services

There are two goals for the Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Seal of Excellence:

  • First, to provide seniors and their families a reliable guide to senior care communities that provide superior benefits to seniors
  • Second, to encourage senior care communities to provide services that meet high standards of excellence for the senior market

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To earn the Seal of Excellence, senior care communities must achieve exemplary results across the proprietary Penrose Senior Care Auditors® 7-Factor Audit™:

  1. Cleanliness and Clutter
  2. Odor and Temperature
  3. Caregivers and Support
  4. Operations and Maintenance
  5. Pantry and Supplies
  6. Senior Observations
  7. Miscellaneous

Products and services can also earn the Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Seal of Excellence by demonstrating superior benefits to seniors along one or more of the factor areas.

“Very little information exists for families to determine the best options for their loved-ones. Up until now, the only information available was state-based senior care facility licensing information and limited, subjective personal opinions on some websites. The Penrose Senior Care Auditors Seal of Excellence is the first to quantitatively audit senior care communities, services, and products for quality in senior care.”


Penrose Senior Care Auditors’ mission is to improve the level of care for seniors. The Seal of Excellence celebrates those companies that are improving the lives of seniors nationwide. And, it will help families quickly identify those that they want to do business with on behalf of their loved-one.