PenroseCertified® – Senior Care Auditors Certified to be the Best™

rely on Penrose Senior Care Auditors® to be the most trusted and trained in the field

Only Penrose Senior Care Auditors® are required to pass the Gold Standard Background Check and the Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Certification Program In addition, they are at least 20 years of age, have at least a high school degree or diploma, and read and speak English.

Gold Standard Background Check

The Gold Standard Background Check is the most intensive background review in the field. It covers fourteen different factors including Federal and State criminal records, healthcare sanctions, sexual assault registries, as well as employment and personal references and drug testing.

Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Certification Program

The Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Certification Program is designed to make sure your loved-one is receiving the best auditing service available.

How Your Senior Care Auditor is Selected

Your client coordinator determines if we have a PenroseCertified® Senior Care Auditor in your senior’s area. If one doesn’t exist, then we advertise for a part-time employee or someone who wants to be independent. They become PenroseCertified and then are assigned to your case.

This process may take a two to three weeks. This way, you can be assured you are getting the best auditor possible.

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