Senior Care Stress? You’re Not Alone

Working and being responsible for an aging parent can be overwhelming, regardless of whether they are in a senior care community or private home

One in six working Americans assist with the care of a senior, most are middle-aged, and 70% say they experience work-related stress as a result. In fact, ten million caregivers over age 50 will lose a total of $30 trillion in lost wages, health benefits, retirement savings and social security.

Seventy percent of working caregivers will make some type of job change to accommodate being responsible for a parent:  reducing hours, quitting, and taking early retirement.  Caregiving has been shown to reduce work productivity by 18.5%. And, it affects women four-times more than men.

Caregivers report missing an average of 6+ days EXTRA per year to take care of an aging loved-one. Caregiver absenteeism costs the US economy an estimated $25.2 billion in lost productivity.

Penrose AuditorPenrose Senior Care Auditors helps reduce the load of working caregivers – reducing stress and days off work. We check on seniors wherever they reside, conduct a thorough environmental audit, and report back to the family through a private online account.