Founder – History of Penrose Senior Care Auditors®

Founder’s personal experience led to creating Penrose Senior Care Auditors® and Penrosecertifed®

Company CEO and Founder Rhonda Harper knows from personal experience how difficult it is being responsible for a senior loved-one. Taking care of her father led her to founding Penrose Senior Care Auditors.

In July 2013, she became responsible for her 83-year old father’s care. Navigating blindly through the senior care landscape, she landed on an upscale, new assisted living community in Dallas, Texas. Within the first month she uncovered that the staff regularly neglected their duties. Laundry wasn’t done. Beds weren’t made. The sinks were dirty. Worse yet, bruises were on his arms.

Rhonda’s father’s health was deteriorating: his speech waned; he wouldn’t eat; and, he became very weak. The nurse told her that her father needed to get a feeding tube. During the week of surgery deliberation, her father became even more distressed. The ambulance was called and off to the hospital he went.

As it turned out, the staff had overdosed him on his medication and no feeding tube was necessary!

After the hospital visit, she admitted her father to a skilled nursing home for rehabilitation. When she visited, she couldn’t find him and neither could the staff! He had somehow ended up in their memory care wing. He had told the staff for two days that he didn’t belong there, but they didn’t believe him. Immediately, Rhonda relocated her father to yet another community.

She began thinking, “What do people do who can’t regularly, for whatever reasons, check on their loved-ones?”

In February 2014, Rhonda Harper launched Penrose Senior Care Auditors®, PenroseCertified®, Penrose Senior Care Auditors Certification Program, and the Penrose Senior Care Auditors Seal of Excellence™ to help others who are responsible for aging senior loved-one’s care.