10 Reasons You Should Be Concerned About Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is Rampant and Growing

If you have a loved-one in a senior care community – assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care – you need to be aware of the alarming statics regarding elder abuse. It’s not

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limited to those that take government funds, it’s across the board.

10.  Seniors that have been abused have more health issues than those who have not been abused:  bone and joint, digestive, anxiety and depression, chronic pain, high blood pressure, psychological distress, and heart issues.

9.  Seniors that have been abused have a 300% higher risk of immediate death than those not abused.

8. Seven percent of all complaints regarding facilities are those of abuse, neglect, or exploitation – but this doesn’t even touch the surface of the issue.

7. Fourty-four percent of seniors report being abused by caregivers, among those with dimentia it is 50%.

6. One-third of U.S. senior care communities have been cited for abuse violations within the past year.

5. A full 95% of patients in senior care facilities say they have been abused or seen another resident abused.

4. A surprising 50% of caregivers ADMIT to abusing residents in their care.

3. “Estimates and reports of elder abuse are lower than the actual prevalence, and the process must be strengthened to protect residents.” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General

2. Statistics suggest that your loved one is most likely being abused.

1. We know you want the best for your loved-one, and Penrose Senior Care Auditors can help identify the signs of abuse and report it when suspected.



(source: US Dept of Health & Human Services)