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Worried about your aging parents because you can’t be there? That’s why our certified auditors visit your aging loved-one and conduct check-ins using our proprietary app on located on their smartphone. Once the check-in is complete, your report – including findings, suggestions, and supporting media – is immediately sent to you and archived in your secure, online account. Then, you take whatever actions you believe are appropriate. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know.®

Joni's Mom

Joni’s Mom

“I can’t be more grateful to Penrose. It’s the best thing that I’ve done for my mom and me. I count on them and love getting my reports to see how mom is doing, especially when they send a quick pic or video!”

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Penrose Check-Ins


Receive reports that assess 150-items regarding well-being of your loved-one: Senior Well-Being, Safety, Comfort, Cleanliness, Supplies, Maintenance, and Caregiver Observations.
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Select up to 25 items that you want to know if are still in your senior’s residence. Receive an Inventory-Check Report, along with images, of the items located by the Penrose auditor.
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Learn whether you aging loved-ones senior’s residence has issues that could cause accidents, especially slips and falls. The Penrose auditor will check 100+ items and deliver the report to you.
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I have a special place in my heart for seniors. As the daughter of a parent that suffered from Alzheimer’s, I understand a family’s need for peace of mind knowing their loved one is receiving care and attention.

Cornelia, Penrose Senior Care Auditor, Church Volunteer, and former Estate Planning Attorney

Penrose Senior Care-Check Report Sample

Immediately delivered to you by email and archived in your secure, online account. Media may also be attached.

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