We’re there for you, making sure your senior loved-ones are okay – and if you’ve hired support, that they are doing what you’ve asked and paid them to do

Because you can’t always be there, Penrose Senior Care Auditors checks on your loved-one and reports back to you. Slips and falls, nutrition, cleanliness, hygiene, neglect, and physical abuse are real issues with today’s aging seniors.

We help reduce your worry by providing thorough, in-depth 150-point 7-Factor Audits of your senior and their living condition/environment, then reporting back to you in your password protected online report center.

You deserve the best auditors from the Penrose Senior Care Auditors, the creator and leader of the senior care auditor service category.

Senior care auditing is an ongoing service, usually conducted weekly or biweekly, and starts at about $40 per visit/audit based upon where you live. The fee is pennies on the dollar of what monthly caregiver or senior care communities charge – and worth peace of mind.

Whether in a private home or long-term senior care community, our affordable senior care auditors ensures your loved one’s:

Friends & Partners
  • place is clean and clutter-free (reducing slips and falls)
  • caregivers are doing the jobs you’ve hired them to do
  • appliances and technologies are in working order
  • home and contents are well maintained
  • pantry and closets have the supplies and items they need
  • body and mood appear free from signs of physical abuse and neglect

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Penrose Senior Care Auditors is a member in good standing of the prestigious Assisted Living Federation of America and the AARP.

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