Penrose Senior Care Auditors®

Penrose Senior Care Auditors makes sure your senior loved-ones are okay – and that caregivers are doing their jobs

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Because you can’t always be there, Penrose Senior Care Auditors visits seniors wherever they live – private residence or senior living community – conducts an on-site, online observational 7-Factor Audit™, and immediately emails the written report to you. Affordable weekly or biweekly senior care audits can improve the life of your senior, and provide peace of mind to you.

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Beginning at $40 per senior care audit, PenroseCertified® Senior Care Auditors check 150-items to make sure your loved one’s:

  • place is clean and clutter-free
  • caregivers and other staff are doing the jobs you’ve hired them to do
  • appliances and technologies are in working order
  • home and contents are well maintained
  • pantry and closets have the food, supplies and items they need
  • body and mood appear free from signs of physical abuse and neglect

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More than 50% of caregivers in senior care communities admit to abusing those in their care. And, 95% of residents report they have been abused or have seen another resident abused. Source: U.S. Government

“Estimates and reports of elder abuse are lower than the actual prevalence, and the process must be strengthened to protect residents.” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General

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